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High Alchemy

3 Tensor rings orgonite orgone pendant amulet with Moldavite, Nuummite, Herkimer, diamonds, very powerful

3 Tensor rings orgonite orgone pendant amulet with Moldavite, Nuummite, Herkimer, diamonds, very powerful

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3 copper Tensor rings orgonite orgone pendant amulet with Moldavite, Nuummite, Herkimer, Rhodosite, Black Tourmaline, diamonds, and 24k gold, very powerful, high and strong vibrations. Programmed specially for health, chakra activation, health, raising vibrations, connection with Higher Self, spiritual development, protection and attracting and activating money flow.

Empowerment Cubit 188mhz frequency copper Tensor ring
Lost Cubit 177mhz frequency copper Tensor ring
Sacred Cubit 144mhz frequency copper Tensor ring

"My first experience. Since I work with energies every day, I'm used to them and I don't feel them so strongly anymore. When I put this charm on, I didn't expect it to evoke something special in my senses. However, after about 10 minutes, I noticed that I was getting hot, that my Solar Plexus was literally sizzling - exactly where the new pendant was. I felt such strong sensations in the Solar Plexus after my first Reiki initiation and now they were repeated as strongly as the first time I encountered very strong energies. After another half hour, my vibrations began to rise rapidly, I felt a strong surge of energy and physical comfort. There was a desire to walk, work, move, emotional uplift and mental well-being. This amulet is really something special and I don't want to part with it for a second!"

The power and energy of the 3 Tensor Rings combined with Orgonite and powerful, high vibration crystals - Moldavite, Nuumiite, Herkimer, Diamonds, Rhodosite and Black Tourmaline. Each tensor ring is additionally energetically activated, programmed based on my in-depth knowledge of esotericism and magic to give an even higher result - Each ring individually is like an independent amulet, programmed for health, chakra activation, health, raising vibrations, connection with the Higher Self, spiritual development , protection and attracting and activating cash flow. I love energetically powerful things and the tensor rings themselves are already that, but when I program each ring as an amulet I achieve an even more powerful result. Tensor rings activate physical and astral energies around them, but programming gives them the power of mental realization. Such a combination of energies not only does not interfere with each other, but on the contrary enhances each other's effect and creates a very strong energetic effect.

I recommend wearing it on the Solar Plexus as it is our energy center and accumulates energy in our body.

Metals: copper coil, real 24k gold;
Dimensions (approx): 1,29" (3,3 cm) diameter
Weight (approx): 20g;
Crystals: 2-7 Rough Diamonds - 100% natural ( 0.5 ct together), Moldavite (Czech Republic), Nuummite (Greenland), Herkimer (Herkimer County, New York), 5 Rhodosites, Black Tourmaline.

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Care Instructions

This is a very powerful amulet and should not be treated lightly. It is an alchemy amulet that will last you forever as long as it exists. You do not need to recharge the amulet or try to clean it energetically. You can do it, it will do no harm to the amulet, but whatever you do with it, it will be nothing stronger than what is inside the amulet. This program cannot be deleted and this amulet cannot be contaminated with anything negative. You can safely wear other amulets, they will not interfere with each other.

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