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I am a Reiki, Ancient Tibetan magic Master and teacher, Alchemy, Druidic (Celtic) magic and Spiritual Master, Voodoo practitioner (Asogwe - Bokor). I practiced healing with energies and made very powerful alchemy talismans and amulets. All my talismans and amulets are handmade by me with love. Each amulet is special for me, so I work with each with care and love. I specifically program each amulet before sending. In programming process I combine my knowledge of Reiki with Alchemy and the Druid magic to make my amulets maximally strong. Such programmed amulet do not require recharging, cleaning or reprogramming. They serve forever like magical artifacts.

Apart from in-depth knowledge of esoterics, I am a jeweler and designer - these things are especially close to me, so I can not separate them and I have chosen to combine jewelry with esotericism.

When you buy one of my products, you are not just buying jewelry or a beautiful decorative pyramid for your home, you are buying a very serious esoteric item where my knowledge and skills in esotericism have been invested to maximize your quality of life. I continue to deepen my knowledge and my amulets are getting stronger every year. Thanks to my knowledge of alchemy, the amulets I create do not lose their power over time - as long as they exist.
Here are some of my certificates that prove that I am an expert in my field:

Master Karma

Runes Magic


High Alchemy

Spiritual Consultant

Spiritual Master

Master Druid - Ancient Druidic Practices

Master of Mental Energy

Reiki Grandmaster and Teacher

Master Teacher in Ancient Tibetan Priestly Practices