Professional Distance Healing Session online

I offer professional energetic healing sessions online. I practice very serious high-level healing practices that help to energetically organize the body, the chakra system, solve many health problems, including very serious problems. The number of sessions depends on your health condition, because not all health problems can be solved in one session. Like not all health problems can be solved with a single pill. However, one session already gives a very serious stimulus to the body to start healing processes. In moderate cases, I recommend one session a month, but more often in serious situations.

I work with health problems, energy cleaning (Chakra Healing), and problem situations (love, success, self realization, business etc.). I also work with people who are affected by magic. I do not work with situations that are against someone's free will.

When you order a session, you will receive one individual online session according to your needs, specifically your problem. The problem will be discussed in the correspondence beforehand so as not to spend the session time. Session time depends on the problem - usually 20-30 minutes. The session will be implemented through Skype or Zoom.

The session is only available online - one to one. I don't work with photos, birth data, personal items, etc. because such an impression is inefficient and does not reach the customer. In order for the session to be effective, I have to connect to the client's highest self and, in order to do this, I need to feel the customer's personal vibrations. If I do not see and hear the client, I cannot feel his/her vibrations. If we are already familiar, I can work alone.

The session lasts about 20-30 minutes, but the energy lasts for 24 hours, during which time the energy blocks are cleared, the body and the cells receive high-vibration energy and are ordered to return to their original state of health. One energetic session lasts for 1 month - during which time there is a serious change in health. Because I have an individual approach to each disease, it is very important to discuss the details before the session so I can prepare an energetic healing plan. During the session, I blocked a self-destruction program that is particularly important for people with high cancer risk or other serious illnesses.

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Lineage of the Keepers of Original Usui Fam Rei Reiki
(Years in the position of Keeper of Traditions)

Mikao Usui (1912 – 1926)
Sathya Nanyokari (1926 – 2008)
Sathya Eo’Than (2008 – present day)
Inese Eke (2016 - present day)