Techniques for activating, stimulating and purifying chakras

Techniques for activating, stimulating and purifying chakras

This is a very powerful but simple technique that I use myself when I feel problems in one of my chakras. It does not take much time (no more than 10-20 minutes a day) and can be done anywhere - on the street, at work, at home, etc.

I visualize chakra symbols during the exercise, but the exercise is effective even without them if the visualization causes problems. The exercise can be started with any of the chakras, you can also only work with one chakra in case of a problem is only in one chakra. I will give an example of how I do it, but you can vary it as you see fit.

Exercise is done once a day. I start with the first chakra and visualize the symbol of the first chakra. Then I "inhale" this symbol in the first chakra. Of course, breathing takes place physically through the mouth or nose, however, it is necessary to visualize that symbol passing through the chakra. The first chakra is usually inhaled vertically - from the bottom up (from earth to sky). Fills the chakra and exhales in the opposite direction. The other chakras breathe horizontally - inhale from the front, fill the chakra, and exhale. But there will be no big mistake if it is forgotten and you breathe with all the chakras equally. One chakra exercise should last 2-4 minutes, however, if any of the chakras have serious problems, I suggest increasing this time or repeating the exercise with chakra more often.

I then move on to the second chakra, visualize the symbol of the second chakra and inhale/exhale it horizontally. For about 2-4 minutes. Don't look at the clock, do it intuitively. The same is repeated with the other chakras, using the corresponding chakra symbols. At the very end, inhale and exhale vertically through all the chakras from the bottom up and top to bottom, also for 2-4 minutes.

I recommend taking such a course for 30 days in the beginning. After 30 days, your chakra condition will be significantly improved, energy will flow freely and cells will be filled with energy.

Such an exercise is important not only for me as a healer to maintain high vibrations in the body, but it is important for anyone who cares about their health. Pay attention to your body if you have to problems in any part of the body, which means that the chakra is weak and unable to supply cells with the energy required. For example, if you have heart problems, then accordingly, the fourth chakra is weak. If stomach problems, then the third chakra is most likely to blame. If you have skin problems, then the seventh chakra. If the unstable nervous system, stress, and annexation, then work with the sixth chakra. I always recommend working beyond weaker chakras, it's recommended to train all of the chakras.

Below is a small guide to help you understand which chakra is responsible for which problems:

1st chakra - sexual and reproductive system urinary system,

2nd chakra - lower metabolism, all organs below the liver (the liver is affected by both 2nd and 3rd chakras), pregnancy, spleen, kidneys, intestines

3rd chakra - upper part of metabolism, stomach, liver, lower esophagus, energetic metabolism

4th chakra - heart and circulatory system, respiratory system - bronchi, lungs, airways

5th chakra - throat, thyroid, trachea, ligaments, upper esophagus

6th chakra - psycho-emotional problems, astral sensitivity

7th chakra - whole nervous system, musculoskeletal system, neurology, sensory organs, pain, sensitivity


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