Practice how to remember previous lives

Practice how to remember previous lives

Practice can be done alone or in pairs - one of you is the process leader, and the other is the patient. Make sure no one can disturb you because your eyes need to be closed during practice. If you open your eyes, you'll need to start all over again. A lying position is recommended, but most importantly, you need to be comfortable.

Step-by-step instructions:

- First, formulate the question you want to answer, and evoke the feelings associated with it.

- Remember your brightest memory. Recall all the details - the feelings, the visualizations of your surrounding, the things you thought, the time, the smells, the weather, and so on. Stay in these memories for about 2-5 minutes.

- Remember your earliest memories, your first childhood memories. As detailed as before. 2-5 minutes. Each stage is 2-5 minutes.

- In these next steps, fantasy can be used because real memories are locked and forgotten. But even in these next stages, real memories can return. Remember yourself at 6 months, in great detail. How do you feel, what are you doing, what you are wearing, whether - it is warm or cold, you feel safe or scared, etc. 2-5 minutes.

- Now the same, but at 4 months. 2-5 minutes.

- Now 2 months old. 2-5 minutes.

- Now remember yourself in mom's belly. How did you feel if you had a lot of space, whether it was light or dark, did you feel safe or heard something, etc. 2-5 minutes.

- Now start reducing your body in mom's belly. Reduce so much until you feel you are no longer in the body. When you realize that you are out of the embryonic body, reformulate your question or create the feelings associated with it.

- Now start watching the pictures that are starting to come to you. There will be an answer to your question. Don't fantasize, but let go of the process, and don't block the pictures/memories you get.

In this technique, being committed to the process and trusting what you see is important - unlocks logic and analysis. Another important nuance - if you see yourself from the sidelines, it is definitely a fantasy. In your true memories, you can only see events in your body, with your own eyes. Our memories are created through our sense organs, they cannot be formed or fixed from the outside.

The purpose of the process is to trick and bypass the memory blocks that are put on during the new incarnation. It is a powerful defense mechanism that is difficult to bypass. Most likely, you'll fail the first time. After about 10 such practices you will already see results and memories will come to you much easier.

This technique was not developed by me, it was created by Sathya Eo’Than. However, I have been using it with good success.


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