How we interact with Reiki energy

How we interact with Reiki energy

What Is Reiki Energy And Where Does It Come From?

Often people, and also Reiki teachers, have misconceptions about what this energy is and where it comes from. This can be explained by the fact that these teachers have been trained incorrectly or lacked in-depth knowledge on the subject. They explain that somewhere up in space there is something like an abstract energetic object to which we connect and thus draw in this healing energy. But this source of energy is everywhere - in space, on earth, and within us - it is everywhere and we draw it from all around us, not from some mystical reservoir somewhere far away in space. We (Reiki practitioners) do not create this energy ourselves, but we only attract and direct it through our chakra system.

How does this energy enter our bodies?

Reiki energy enters our body through the 2 chakras - simultaneously through the 1st and 7th chakras. This is a very painful subject for Reiki practitioners who have been taught that Reiki energy only enters the body through the 7th Chakra. They see this energy flowing in only one direction, from top to bottom. They think that the energy coming from below is in some way "dirty". It was this bias that led to the creation of this single-channel Reiki in Japan, and it was this direction that gained worldwide popularity. By its very nature, it is a very shortened version of Reiki that Mikao Usui was forced to introduce due to the biases of the Japanese government.

Popular Reiki books have 2 statements that contradict each other. The first statement is that Reiki energy is always neutral and cannot harm anyone - neither us nor those around us or patients. This is absolutely true. However, after several pages, there is a section dedicated to clearing up bad energy when working with patients during a session. If the first statement is true and fully demonstrates the nature of Reiki energy, then the second is in complete contradiction with the first and causes prejudice. The master must learn to think, not blindly copy others. If the energy is neutral in nature, it cannot become "bad" or "dirty" during the session.

So we get Reiki energy at the 1st and 7th chakras at the same time - there are two channels that flow in both directions at the same time. Further, this energy is distributed through our chakras, through the energy channels, through the meridians, and into every cell of our body. It is important to know that when Reiki energy enters our chakras, it is transformed. It does not become any different, but as it flows into each of the chakras, it acquires additional qualities from the chakras. At the highest levels of Reiki Master (4-7), we can use all of these transformed energies for even greater healing effects. When we fill our bodies with Reiki energy, we gain the ability to transfer that energy to other living entities. This is the basic mechanism of Reiki healing. The center of palms has portals, the most powerful energy channels through which energy can be transmitted. They are not the only energy channels in our body but the most powerful. There are masters who transmit energy through other channels - feet, forehead, heart, etc. For example, during the practice of Chakra Cloning (Master Level 7), the Master sits down with the patient so that the two chakras are in contact they are as close as possible to each other and the Master creates his own chakra clones in the patient's body. It happens directly through the chakras.

Reiki by its very nature is a very simple and effective healing system. It is completely safe and can be used by anyone - children, pregnant, the elderly, animals, and plants. Energy gets in every part of the body and as a result, you receive all the healing benefits.


This article is compiled from footage of Grandmaster Reiki Academy materials

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