How to properly attract luck and money, how to properly create form of thoughts and manifest

How to properly attract luck and money, how to properly create form of thoughts and manifest

The essence of any esoteric practice is the right form of thoughts - it is the right articulation of the goal you want to achieve. It is a mental form that is filled with energy and released for realization. But you do not have to be an esotericist to create such mental forms to bring about the events you want. However remember that your desires must never violate the free will of any other person. If you do not, consider the karmic consequences.

I chose money as an example, but you can create such mental forms for any area of life - health, success, family, a particular event, and so on.

So, let's say your goal is to make more money and grow your business. If you are practicing energy practices like Reiki, you can connect with that energy. If you are unfamiliar with such practices, you can do without them. Creates an energy sphere in your thoughts – it can be in your mind, over your head or in front of you - it doesn't matter. When the sphere is ready, start filling it with a dynamic plan of action. For example, visualize an active business process where you have a lot of customers who want your services, they are making money for you, and they are happy with your services. Business is expanding and your bank account is filling up  with money. If you produce something, you visualize an active production process, you have a lot of employees, everyone is busy, etc. Imagine everything in great detail and above all, dynamic, as an active process. If you are an employee and you work for a company and want a salary raise or promotion, visualize how your boss notices and appreciates you, likes your ideas or the quality of your job, how your salary is raised, and sees a great potential in you, and so on. If you are looking for a job, visualize how you find your dream job, go to a job interview that is successful, offer you a good salary, bypass your competitors and be happy accepted into the new team.

Once you have filled the sphere with all this dynamic process, think of sending the sphere to where you want it to come to realisation. If it is a specific company or house, then send it there and cover the whole house or even the city with this sphere. If it is an internet business, send it around the world - wherever you want your customers from. The more accurate the site selection, the better the result. If you are not an esoteric, this form of thoughts will not have a great deal of power, but if you keep it up to date you will have results. What is the difference between form of thought made by an esoteric? They are filled with energy that enhances the power of realization - the stronger the esoteric, the stronger the form of thought and the faster the realization.

Avoid the following mistakes:

- You do not need to visualize an already fully completed process when you have already achieved what you really are not. If you fantasize, for example, that you are a millionaire and enjoy life in your new villa, you will give signal to the universe that your goal has already been achieved and you don't need anything else. So the process needs to be dynamic and progress oriented.

- Don't sit back and wait for the money to start falling from the sky - you have to start acting on the process you put into the sphere and start working actively.

- Choose the location to send the sphere correctly. The location you want to influence is what will bring you money. If it is a specific store then it will be the whole city or area where the customers in your store will come from, if it is an internet business then it will be the country or countries where your customers will come from. If you want to sell a house it will be the city or country where you expect the potential buyer. If you just want to increase the productivity of your company or production, you can send the sphere to your company.

So the purpose of the form of thoughts is to look for people who will resonate with your idea. It is not manipulation because whoever does not need it will not react to it, but whoever is interested in it will notice you and respond.

Don't be afraid to make mistakes and experiment. If you are not sure whether you have done everything correctly, then repeat the process with other ideas or another outlet. Search for your right option.



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