Best technique for raising your own vibrations

Best technique for raising your own vibrations

This is a very powerful technique that I also used a lot when I started esotericism. Now it is like a daily routine for me and I do it automatically. This practice can be done anytime, anywhere, in any mood. The more often the better, the more difficult the circumstances, the better.

The purpose of this practice is to learn to share unconditional love - it is the most effective way to connect with your Higher Self, raise vibrations, and get rid of your ego reactions.

For the first time, I suggest trying this in calm conditions to understand this technique. First, fill your heart with a strong sense of love. If it seems complicated, then imagine something or someone you love dearly, best is your child, if you have one, or someone close to you who is not associated with romantic feelings. Fill your heart, the entire chakra region of your heart with this feeling of love. When you feel that you are no longer capable of getting more of this feeling, start radiating that feeling from your heart chakra to people animals, plants, or even a group of people.

Do this for about 5 minutes. Observe the reaction from the being or person to whom you sent this love. Exercise daily for at least 3 months. It does not require much time and can be done anywhere - at work, in a meeting, in transport, in the theater, anywhere. You will soon notice that people or animals will calm down around you as you practice. The more often you train, the faster your vibrations and general well-being will rise.


Inese Eke

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